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About Us

Capalbo’s has come a long way since its humble beginnings over 100 years ago. We believe our success is a result of staying focused on the same fundamental business principles our founders felt were important: adapting to our customers’ changing needs, making product quality a religion and a generous helping of hard work.

Rose and Domenick Capalbo, both Italian immigrants with limited education, began the business in 1906. Back then there were no phones to be managed, no computers, websites or social media to maintain, not even a storefront...just a horse, a wagon, a scale and fine fresh produce. They began by selling fruit and vegetables door to door to the affluent families of Essex County, New Jersey. Domenick would get to the produce market by 5:00 a.m. to carefully hand select the day’s merchandise. Eventually, the Capalbos opened a storefront at 339 Passaic Avenue in Nutley, which became a local fixture for decades.

As the buzz on gift baskets grew, so did Capalbo’s. We realized early on that fast, efficient, reliable service was a top priority. In order to produce our baskets with a quick turn-around time, we moved into our current home, a large facility at 350 Allwood Road in Clifton, where we annually produce roughly a wide variety of gift baskets, now including wine baskets, too. We also have a spacious store on the premises, filled with a dazzling assortment of baskets to view or pick up in person.

Our customers want convenient ordering from their home or office. We deliver that with our full-color, multi-page catalogue with over 100 gift items, a robust, easy to navigate website and a convenient mobile app.

For us, delivering quality is still the name of the game. Our famous Grade A Extra Fancy fruit is inspected at four different stages before shipment. Any basket that does not pass inspection is immediately sent back to the production department. People often ask us, “What’s the magical ingredient behind Capalbo’s success?” We just smile and explain that we’re just doing what our founders taught us more than a century ago. Listen to your customers. Pay attention to quality. Give people value for their money. And don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and work hard.

Old-fashioned? Perhaps. But that’s who we are, and that’s what Capalbo’s is all about.

We welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions on any of our basket creations and promise to take them to heart.

While you are online, be sure to visit our sister sites, www.winebasket.com, to see our stunning selection of baskets with wine, champagne, spirits and gourmet food and www.babybasket.com, for a bonanza of beautiful gift baskets and ideas for babies, big siblings and their parents, too.